Competence for School Governance

Competence tracks and improves the effectiveness of Governors and their Governing Body.
aligned with dfe competency framework and new ofsted framework 2019

Governing Body Compliance

Competence tracks and improves the effectiveness of Governors - and their
Governing Bodies.

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Why Competence?

Governors, Chairs of Governors and Governing Bodies collectively face a number of key challenges:
Governing Body

Assess the effectiveness and competence collectively of your Governing Body through objective 360 assessments against the DfE defined and required Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours. Allows the Governing Body to identify strengths and opportunities and to develop the full range of general and specific competencies to discharge their duties effectively.

Chair of Governors

Ensure leadership and effectiveness from the Chair of Governors through objective 360 assessment of the Chair by all Governors using the general and chair-specific competencies defined by the DfE.

Individual Governors

Self assessment by each Governor can be extremely useful in determining which of the general or specialist competencies need to be improved across the Governing Body and individually. The Chair can add their own Governor assessments or comments to facilitate one-to-one discussions

How Competence will help

Cultivate a competence-led governance culture, resulting in outstanding education outcomes via an effective Governing Body.

Compare progress consistently

Compare progressive development of the Governing Body's capabilities consistently including DfE required competencies, soft skills and strengths. Identify where the Governing Body requires further development & assess progress and compliance in as much or as little detail as required. 360 assessments can include all Governors and stakeholders.

  • Chair Assessment
  • Individual Assessment
  • Specialist Assessment
  • 360 Assessments

Effective Leadership & Direction

Benefit from open, objective and insightful 360 assessment of the capabilities, performance and leadership of the Chair of Governors by the Governors - anonymously where preferred - and aggregated to form a complete picture of competence.
360 assessment can include all Governors and wider stakeholders.

  • Chair Assessment
  • Individual Assessment
  • Specialist Assessment
  • 360 Assessments

Self Assessment - Governors' Competencies

Quick, simple and comprehensive self-assessment by Governors against DfE Competency Framework with scoring, comments and recommendations. Allows identification of Board competency spread and knowledge, skills and behaviours development required.

  • Chair Assessment
  • Individual Assessment
  • Specialist Assessment
  • 360 Assessments
competence licensing

Deliver Competence

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Access however you like

Competence is accessible either via a native tablet/smartphone app or desktop browser offering the ultimate in user flexibility.
Improve effectiveness

Measures Governor's and Board's progress against  competence criteria as per published DfE Competence Framework using the following tools:

  • 360 Assessment of Governing Body
  • 360 Assessment of Chair including chair-specific skills  
  • Governor Full Self-Assessment
  • Governor Full Self-Assessment including specialist skills
  • Governor Summary Self-Assessment
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Measures & Monitors

All key aspects of Governor, Chair and Governing Body competencies

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Behaviours
  • Specialist Competencies
    (eg: Safeguarding and SEND)
  • Specific Chair Competencies
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The Competency Dilemma

The benefits of competency assessments are very considerable but practicality can be time-consuming.

The Competence app allows a Governing Body to meet these challenges.

  • Assessing effectiveness of Governors, the Governing Body and their Meetings is a key requirement under the new OFSTED framework
  • The Department for Education Competency Framework is helpful but at times unwieldy to put in effect
  • Current assessment processes are often fragmented and paper-based and take up considerable time for a Board and Governors

The Competence app meets all these requirements with speed and simplicity

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Infinitely adaptable

Allows fully flexible competence assessment criteria including Knowledge, Skills & Behaviours at multiple levels of detail with comments, attachments, goal-setting,  feedback, action items,

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Flexible scoring methods

Allows flexibility for progress measurement over time of improving competency scores for the Governing Body, Governors and Chair including self-assessment, peer-group assessment or Chair-assessment. A wide range of numerical and verbal scoring options can be set such as 1-5, 1-10, RAG rating and many others.

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Evidence of Progress of the Governing Body

Progress measurement of competencies including knowledge, skills and behaviours attained are easily accessible to Chairs, Clerks and Regulatory Bodies such as OFSTED.

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Engaging and interactive

Fully-featured cloud based capability incorporating all the latest methodologies including links, images, video, audio and speech-to-text.

  • Tablet/Smartphone entry
  • Rapid comment entry: dictation-to-text
  • Speed and Simplicity
  • Graphic representation of total Competence
  • Governor Summary Self-Assessment
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Comprehensive charting & flexible reporting

Compelling visual presentation of progress against all competence criteria plus Governing Body development progress including spider-charts, graphs and dashboards.

Available for individual Governors, Chair and the Governing Body as a collective whole.

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The best technology.
The best solution.

  • Speech-to-text, mobiles and tablets

    Spoken comments-to-text, plus graphical progress reporting, video evidencing and high security levels lead the way in this modern age of the app.

  • Excellence in performance

    Use of technology coupled with thought-leading competence frameworks promotes excellence in Governing Body performance improvement.