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The Competence app is at the core of the business, developed over the last 5 years and used at the heart of all solutions in each sector.
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Multi-sector solutions

  • Experience & Pedigree

    Competence Development Ltd is a software author primarily operating in the sectors of Education, Sport & Leisure, Security and Leadership & Management.

  • Mobile-first

    Meets demanding expectations of learners, using a varied suite of multimedia elements; accessed via any smartphone or tablet, making learning, submission and assessment as simple as possible

Sector experience matters

Organisations use the app to drive performance improvements in knowledge, skills and behaviours of business staff, coaches, learners, governors, teachers, players and management - at all levels.

The complete platform

The Competence app drives the Competence Learning Management System (LMS), which hosts a wide range of educational, vocational and commercial courses.

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What they say...

Don't believe us. Listen to those who use Competence every day.
“Couldn’t be happier with Competence. The team were really helpful too.”
Ben Ashby
Assistant Head of Education
Aston Villa
“Reviews, including prep time, have been cut from hours down to minutes.”
Sarah Stephen
Chief Executive
League Football Education
“The development of some key groups has improved hugely.”
Matt Peet
First Team Coach
Wigan Warriors RLFC
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