Meet the Team


Our Greatest Asset

Our aim is to maintain a collaborative environment, where ideas flourish and collective wisdom thrives. Each team member brings a unique set of skills, knowledge and experiences and together we embody a commitment to delivering exceptional results.
Steve Varndell
Senior Developer
Phil Pickard
Head of Video Production
Deepa Ramalingam
Head Tester
Stuart Love
Implementation Director
Alex Levcenka
Vicky Kay
Senior Education Tutor
Simon Lenagan
Kevin Perry
Head of Education
Adrian Lenagan
David Riley
Dev-Ops Manager
Paul Wright
Finance Director
Marcelo Vianna
Senior Editor
Dan Donnelly
Support Adminstrator
Donna Manchester
Finance Administrator
Gary Cousins
Business Development Manager
Dave Smith
Director of Education
Steve Alman
Education Lead
Ian Lenagan
Aisling Dewhurst
Programme Lead and Learner Support Officer
Mike Ward
Adult Learning Co-ordinator
Biba Rey
Head of Content Marketing
Samantha Gibson
Programme Lead and Compliance Officer
Kim Black
Personnel Manager
John Winder
Development Executive
Jeremy Bradshaw
Technical Director

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