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Unlock the potential of your workforce with apprenticeships at all levels

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ood employers strive to improve their quality, not least by enhancing the support and training opportunities they offer new and existing members of staff. Apprenticeships are an excellent way to do this, by using a low cost and bespoke model that puts the needs and demands of the organisation at the forefront of the solution.

Apprenticeships are suitable for employees of all ages and levels, from entry-level to senior management. By offering them, you’ll not only develop a skilled and motivated workforce but also promote a culture of learning and development within your organisation.

The perception of apprenticeships has undergone a positive shift in recent years, thanks to greater awareness of the benefits they offer to all parties. Every employer has employees for whom the acquisition of additional knowledge, skills and behaviours would enhance their performance and take their careers to the next level.

It's a great way to cultivate and retain talent, promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace and even source future managers from within. In fact, studies have shown that the outputs of apprentices often exceed their training costs by between £2,500 and £18,000 per apprentice.

Why offer apprenticeships to your employees?
  • Cultivate and retain talent
  • Source future managers from within
  • Suitable for all ages and levels
  • Promote diversity and inclusion
  • Funding is available

With training budgets often being trimmed, many organisations now use apprenticeship funding to meet this need. If you're an organisation required to pay into the Apprenticeship Levy, we can help you maximise that investment. Meanwhile, small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from government contributions of between 95% and 100% of their apprenticeship training costs.

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Why work with us?

Our team's practical experience across diverse sectors enables us to offer a comprehensive service, presenting a truly compelling proposition.
tried and tested

Trust in our experience

We always begin by actively listening to your priorities. Whether you require systems-based solutions, bespoke skills training programmes or additional consultancy services, we offer a range of tried-and-tested approaches to help you overcome the challenges you face.

Our extensive practical experience in both business and training means we can empathise with the common and uncommon challenges that you face. Our goal is to offer cost-effective, technology-rich solutions that ensure your ongoing development, sustainability, and efficiency. Trust us to help you achieve your objectives.

Dave Smith
head of education
building strong foundations

Expert support throughout

We understand how important it is to support the recruitment, training, and career progression of apprenticeship learners. That's why we offer expert advice and guidance to help you navigate the process, including:

  • Creating your Apprenticeship Services account
  • Identifying appropriate courses
  • Preparing job adverts
  • Providing mentorship training
  • Finding suitable End Point Assessment Organisations

By fostering a culture of lifelong learning within your organisation, we help you unlock opportunities for growth and development. Trust us to help you build a strong foundation for your apprenticeship program.

your long term industry partner

Sector-specific consultancy

Bespoke skills training

Recognising that in certain circumstances some skills training isn’t accessible via apprenticeship provision, we leverage our extensive collective expertise spanning industry, education, technology, training, and professional sport to offer bespoke skills training and tailored CPD packages.
Our solutions cater to all levels of staff, including Senior Management, and are designed to be time-sensitive to meet your immediate training needs.

Comprehensive job role competencies suite

Attracting and retaining talented staff requires a thorough understanding of the specific competencies and proficiencies associated with each job role, as well as a commitment to continuous development through performance appraisal.
Leveraging our shared expertise and software capabilities, we deconstruct each organisational role into three layers of competencies and associated proficiencies, creating a comprehensive and precise understanding of the essential attributes required from your employees.
This detailed information forms the foundation of our bespoke training plans, which help bridge any knowledge, skills, and behavioural gaps while identifying potential candidates who fit your requirements.

Maximise your Apprenticeship Levy spend

Optimise your Apprenticeship Levy spending with our support. If your annual payroll is over £3m, you're required to pay an Apprenticeship Levy of 0.5%. We help you use these funds on any of the 45+ available apprenticeship standards for new and existing staff. Additionally, we facilitate the transfer of up to 25% of unspent funds to other employers, improving standards within relevant sectors.
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putting learners first

What can Apprenticeships do for your people?

All employees should be encouraged to explore bespoke learning experiences within their annual appraisal cycle in order to improve their knowledge, skills and behaviours. The requirement and desire to undertake continuous professional development is a foundation to developing as an individual.

Apprenticeships are designed to do this via a blend of flexible learning techniques and an inclusive delivery model that puts the employee first. The ability to learn whilst working, receiving feedback from both senior management and industry experts provides a mentoring package that is unrivalled in any other learning environment.

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What you, the Learner, can expect from us

From the moment you register your interest through to the day you achieve your chosen goals, know that we'll be with you, providing a uniquely supportive environment every step of the way.
Personalised Learning Experience
  • We identify your prior learning to tailor course content to your specific needs
  • Your English and Maths proficiency is assessed to support your skill development
  • Professional working relationships are established from the start, with your initial contact also serving as your course tutor
Effective Communication
  • Various communication methods are available for quick access to your tutor and prompt resolutions
  • Support needs disclosed by you are prepared for and maintained throughout the programme
  • Our technology-rich approach provides access to ICT, with alternative options available if needed
Diverse Teaching & Assessment
  • A range of teaching, learning, and assessment methods are available
  • We collaborate with you to determine preferred methods for supporting your achievement
  • Practical and academic challenges, including higher-order thinking skills, prepare you for higher-level learning and work roles
Ongoing Progress and Support
  • Interactions with your tutor take place during work hours, respecting your personal time and responsibilities
  • Regular meetings are held with you, your line-manager, and mentor at least four times a year to discuss progress, address concerns, and set SMART targets
  • Comprehensive preparation and support are provided before the End Point Assessment to ensure readiness and gather supporting evidence
leveraging our network

Competence and Wigan Warriors

We are proud to have a longstanding partnership with professional Rugby League club Wigan Warriors.

This partnership is just one example of how we can leverage our network across business, education and sport to create tailored, fit-for-purpose apprenticeships that meet the needs of your organisation.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you develop a motivated, skilled and diverse workforce.

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Real Stories from Real People

Matthew Hunter, Employer
"Their trainers and mentors are true experts in their field and provided exceptional guidance, support and dedication throughout the apprenticeship process. For us it's a truly worthwhile investment."
Hollie Shaw, HR Director
“Their skills training has been a transformational for our team, increasing productivity and performance across the board. More and more we're seeing that it's helping us to recruit and retain top talent.”
Emily Rodriguez, Team Lead
"Really Impressed by the effective communication, teaching methods and valuable support for our team's challenges; the experience has been beneficial to all our employees."
Olivia Turner, Head of Education
"The programme's remarkable personalised learning, diverse teaching and real time results have proven highly beneficial for our workforce, fostering continuous improvement and success."
John Smith, HR Manager
"Competence's personalised approach, tailored content, open communication channels and ongoing support means that there is no hesitation in our recommending them for the professional development of  apprentices."
David Thompson, CEO
"The positive impact of the programme on our employees' growth, personalised learning, effective communication, and comprehensive support make it an asset for any organisation's continuous improvement."
Answers to

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn't listed here, then please feel free to ask us - we'll respond quicker than you might think!

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What types of apprenticeships and skills training do you offer?

  • Level 5 Leadership and Management (Operations/Department Manager)
  • Level 4 Sports Coach
  • Level 3 Teaching Assistant
  • Level 2 Community Activator Coach
  • Level 2 Leisure Team Member
  • Level 3 Leisure Duty Manager
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 3 Team Leader
  • Level 5 Learning and Skills Teacher
Skills Training
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Level 2 Strength and Conditioning
  • Level 2 Nutrition
  • Level 2 Mental Health Awareness
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Entry Level – Level 2 English
  • Entry Level – Level 2 Maths

How do apprenticeships benefit both Employers and Employees?

Employer benefits
  • Cost effective way to train and develop new and existing staff
  • An aid to staff motivation, retention and progression within your organisation
  • Fill skills gaps
  • Effective use of the Apprenticeship Levy (where applicable)
Employee benefits
  • Free training and industry recognised qualifications
  • Upskill your own English and Maths
  • Work-based learning and mentorship
  • Earn whilst you learn

How long do apprenticeships typically last?

Typically between 15 and 18 months, which includes up to 3 months allowance for End Point Assessment.

Are there any eligibility requirements for apprenticeships?

Each potential apprentice must demonstrate the capacity to achieve the required level of English and Maths attainment by the end of their programme.

Some apprenticeships have pre-requisite qualification requirements e.g.for Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 2 Gym Instructor first needs to be attained.

The apprentice needs to have the right to work in the UK and has been residing here for at least the last 3 years.

The apprentice must have the opportunity in the workplace to gain the required knowledge, skills and behaviours. The employer must also agree to allowing at least 20% off the job learning hours.

How much do apprenticeships cost?

All apprenticeships have a capped delivery price, which is typically between £4,000 and £9,000.

However, Levy payers can use the money already contributed to pay for 100% of training costs.

For non-Levy paying organisations, the government will contribute at least 95% of all training costs.

For example:  

Level 3 Personal Trainer apprenticeship

  • £4,000 capped training cost
  • £3,800 government contribution
  • £200+VAT training cost (plus wages)

How do you customise your apprenticeship and skills training programs to fit our company’s specific needs?

Via our app, apprenticeship training is available in the workplace and accessible 24/7.

You the employer, can decide in which order you wish qualifications to be delivered. For example, you may require qualified lifeguards before Gym Instructors (Level 2 Leisure Team Member).

We also provide free mentorship training for anyone in your company responsible for apprentices.

We listen to you and learn what your needs are, rather than pushing certain apprenticeships. Any programme must be agreed between you the employer, the apprentice and ourselves.

How do you measure the success of your training programmes?

  • Retention: do they stay on programme for the full duration?
  • Attendance: at workshops, external training and progress reviews
  • Timely completion: do they finish by their planned end date?
  • Achievement: do they pass End Point Assessment?
  • Attainment: do they achieve the higher ‘Distinction’ grades?
  • Progression: do they move into full-time employment and/or a higher level apprenticeship?

What is the time commitment required from our employees?

An average of 6 hours per week must be made available for apprentice’s development activities (off the job hours).

However, we recognise that you have busier times throughout the year when less time per week will be available. Conversely, there will be weeks when more time can be utilised.

Can we schedule training around our company’s existing work schedule?

Absolutely, yes. We will always aim to work with apprentices whilst they are at work and always at the most suitable time for them and you the employer. We will only ask for flexibility so that they can attend group online workshops periodically.

What types of learning resources and support do you offer to apprentices and their employers?

Both apprentices and employers have access to our learning app, which is a self-contained platform for:

  • Teaching, learning and assessment content
  • Recording of off-the-job hours
  • Facilitating Progress Reviews, involving all stakeholders
  • Collating learner evidence within the Library function
  • Public Library folders with access to a wide range of resources, including holistic care and support
  • Reporting of key information
  • Progress Dashboards

In addition:

  • Bespoke support and resources are provided for apprentices who have disclosed particular learning difficulties or needs
  • Mentor training package for relevant staff
  • Higher order thinking skills activities and guidance
  • Bespoke methods of evidence capture, including technology-rich applications such as: speech-to text-dictation, recorded professional discussions and video

Can apprenticeships and skills training be completed remotely or online?

Certain training is knowledge-based and can most effectively be delivered, in its entirety, online.

However, apprenticeships are aimed at developing Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours and as such, verification that learners can actually perform work tasks, as well as speak/write about them, is essential.

This is often facilitated by tutors observing in person but can also be supported by videos of performance and credible witness testimony.

How do you work with employers to assess the progress and performance of their apprentices and trainees?

A minimum of 4 Progress Reviews per year, where apprentice, employer and training provider come together to assess past and current performance, along with future SMART targets.

Provide live data, dashboards and reports on the app, which are accessible to all stakeholders.

Build open, honest and regular 2-way communications and relationships with employers.

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