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“Competence over-delivered every time.”
Capt. Neil Williams, The British Army
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As a Training Provider, you face unique problems in managing your training business while delivering exceptional learning experiences. We intimately understand these challenges; that's why we've developed a sector-specific SaaS solution tailored to meet your needs.

By partnering with us, you gain an invaluable advantage. Not only do we provide a cutting-edge software solution, but we also bring extensive expertise as a Training Provider ourselves. This dual perspective allows us to address your challenges comprehensively, offering holistic support that goes beyond conventional software providers.

  • Enhance learning with our flexible, scalable platform
  • Optimise learner-focused experiences for powerful learning outcomes
  • Range of licensing options
  • Full and friendly support

Whether you want to use our LMS and e-portfolio functions on Courses you build yourself, or whether you want to take advantage of our pre-configured Courses (with or without learning content), we're confident that you'll find working with us both productive and rewarding.

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Saas solution available on any platform

Competence: the core of our offering

Competence is both the name of our company and the core of our offering, so it makes sense that our SaaS solution which underpins all of this shares the same name. Competence is available on any mobile or tablet (iOS & Android) and available as a desktop version via any web-enabled browser.

Competence empowers your organisation to deliver any funded and commercial skills training safe in the knowledge that the recording, monitoring and demonstrating of Learner progress is easily handled throughout their programme.

flexible licensing options

Pick and choose on a per course basis

Competence is licensed on a per-learner basis and the first of our licensing tiers is called Starter.

Additional licensing tiers Plus and Pro are available on a per-course basis, linked to the assessments or content that you'd like to be pre-packaged into each course.

Finally, our Content-only licensing tier is for when you'd like to license our own course learning content and import it for use it within your own LMS.

All app tiers include progress tracking, management reporting and full & friendly support.

"It's great: for some courses we just need the pre-populated Progress Reviews and Evidence Assessments... and for others we use the full-blown learner-led content package."
David Kreyling, CEO, Creative Sport & Leisure
Key features include:
  • Create Course from scratch
  • Create Progress Assessments
  • Create Evidence Activities
  • Map relevant crtieria/KSBs
  • Create content or import SCORM
All Starter features/functions, and:
  • Selected Course is pre-created
  • Includes Progress Assessments
  • Includes Evidence Activities
  • Includes Assignment Briefs
  • All criteria and/or KSBs mapped
Everything in Plus, with the addition of:
  • Comprehensive Learning Content
  • For learner-led or blended study
  • Multimedia: video, text, audio
  • Knowledge checks included
  • Mobile-first, responsive design
Content available outside our app:
  • Multimedia: video, text, audio
  • Knowledge checks included
  • Mobile-first, responsive design
  • All content is SCORM-compliant
  • Export for use in any LMS
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Answers to

Frequently Asked Questions

Ifyou have another question that we haven't covered here, don't hesitate to ask us!

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Does Competence have a comprehensive dashboard function? Can we request the information we want to be included?

Yes! You also have the ability to request customised dashboards detailing thespecific information you want to be included.

This allows you to have a personalised view of the relevant data and metrics that matter to you.

What reports are available? Can we run these ourselves?

Competence offers various reports to track and analyse different aspects of  learning and training activities. These reports include progress reports, assessment reports, compliance reports and more.

You have the freedom to run these reports yourself, giving you immediate access to the data you need, without having to rely on external assistance.

How easy is it to use and navigate around the app?

Competence is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. The app provides a seamless and intuitive user experience, ensuring that learners, tutors, managers, employers, IVs (Internal Verifiers) and EVs (External Verifiers) can easily interact with the platform.

Moreover, Competence is accessible on any device, allowing users to access the system from their preferred device. Additionally, the platform offers a speech-to-text function, making it even more convenient for users to input information or interact with the system.

Can learners, tutors, managers, employers, IVs and EVs all easily see not only progress made, but in relation to expected progress?

Absolutely! Competence enables learners, tutors, managers, employers, IVs and EVs to track and monitor progress in relation to the expected progress.

The system provides clear visibility of the progress made by individuals and ensures that it is aligned with the expected milestones or goals.

This comprehensive tracking feature allows all stakeholders to easily assess and understand the progress being made.

Does Competence ‘talk’ to other systems e.g. BKSB?

Yes, Competence has the capability to integrate and communicate with other systems, such as BKSB. This integration ensures seamless data exchange between different platforms, eliminating the need for manual data entry or duplication of efforts.

By connecting with other systems, you can leverage the power of interoperability and streamline your processes.

Does the system ‘flag-up’ to learners when deadlines are imminent or overdue and are push notifications sent?

Competence has a built-in notification system that alerts learners when deadlines are approaching or when tasks are overdue. These notifications serve as reminders, keeping learners informed and accountable for their responsibilities.

Additionally, the system supports push notifications and as part of the basic package, you have access to 5 push notifications. These notifications can be sent to users' devices, ensuring timely updates and reminders.

Is the recording of Off the Job Hours by learners made simple, including the attachment of correct criteria?

Yes, Competence simplifies the recording of Off the Job Hours for learners. It provides a user-friendly interface where learners can easily input their hours and attach the correct criteria.

The system includes a drop-down menu of criteria to select from, ensuring accuracy and alignment with the specific requirements.

Do we need to create our own course content, or is content available?

Competence offers a combination of options for course content. You have the flexibility to create your own courses using the platform's intuitive course builder.

Additionally, the system provides access to a range of pre-existing courses, covering various topics and subjects.

These courses are designed to meet different learning needs and can be customised to align with your specific requirements. Pricing and packages for course content are available, offering you different options to choose from based on your organisation's needs.

How easy is it to provide End Point Assessors with learner work/evidence?

Competence simplifies the process of providing End Point Assessors (EPAs) with learner work and evidence. It also offers a downloadable portfolio feature, allowing learners to compile and share their work with EPAs easily.

Furthermore, the system provides app access for EPAs, enabling them to review and assess learner work conveniently through the mobile application.

Is Competence regularly updated to ensure compliance?

Yes, Competence is regularly updated to ensure compliance with industry standards and requirements. Recent updates include the addition of a signature function for all parties involved in Progress Reviews, enhancing the documentation process.

Additionally, the system now allows the inclusion of specific criteria in Off the Job Hours logs, ensuring accurate recording and compliance with regulations.

What ongoing support is available to us?

The Competence support team provides ongoing support to its users through a dedicated support system. They offer a "ticket" system, which allows you to submit inquiries, issues, or requests for assistance.

This system ensures that your queries are promptly addressed by a knowledgeable support team. Whether you have questions about the platform's features, need technical assistance, or require guidance on using specific functionalities, the Competence support team is there to provide you with ongoing support and help you make the most of the LMS.

Can the platform be branded with our own colour scheme and logos?

Yes, Competence can be branded with your own colour scheme and logos. We understand the importance of branding and provide the flexibility to customise the platform's appearance to align with your organisation's visual identity.

This allows you to create a consistent and branded learning experience for your users. Additionally, Competence ensures that the colour scheme chosen is suitable for all learners, considering factors such as accessibility and readability.

What support services do you offer?

We offer a range of support services to assist our users. Our dedicated support team is available to address any technical issues or inquiries you may have.

Additionally, we provide comprehensive in-app help guides and resources to help you navigate and maximise the software’s features and capabilities.

What’s the cost?

The cost of our software is determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the specific and unique requirements of your request. We tailor our pricing to ensure it aligns with your needs and offers the best value for your investment.

To get accurate pricing information, we recommend reaching out to our sales team for a personalised quote.

Is the software compatible with all devices?

Yes, our software is compatible with a wide range of devices. It can be accessed on any mobile or tablet device running iOS or Android operating systems.

Additionally, we offer a desktop version that is accessible through any web-enabled browser. This ensures flexibility and convenience in accessing the software across different platforms.

Does the software manage any of the requirements set out by Ofqual or Government?

As an organisation we are aware of the requirements that various agencies place on training providers and as a result we have comprehensive reporting and dashboard functions that can assist any data collection or reporting function needed.

If required through consultation with our trained professionals we can create reporting systems that are bespoke to your training organisation.

As a provider how is information presented to me?

Information can be tailored through your own unique requirements via our comprehensive interactive dashboard structure. This allows you to analyse your courses more efficiently and present your information in an easy to understand format.

How do your systems support individuals from special populations?

Our system offers support for individuals from special populations through various features. The software provides a unique blend of video, audio, and written content, accommodating diverse learning styles.

Additionally, learners have the ability to voice record responses, providing an alternative method for communication and participation. These inclusive features aim to cater to the needs of individuals from different backgrounds and ensure an inclusive learning experience.

Words of Appreciation!

Matthew Hunter
“Beyond our remarkable results , the support provided has been outstanding. Responsive, knowledgeable and ready to assist with any questions or challenges we encounter.”
Hollie Shaw
“Keeping track of progress and performance is critical but many manual tasks are now handled seamlessly. It's comforting to know that we have such a reliable partner on our journey.”
Melissa Russell
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