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Our personalised recommendations for skills development and gap identification will help you to plan progression and succession for your Board members or Trustees.

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Tom Powell
Governing Board Chair, Whiteoak Green
“Governance is highly recommended as it's incredibly easy to use, making it straightforward to get started right away. It's reliable and efficient, up to date with the latest competency frameworks and it just works without any hassle.”
Theresa Mason
Headteacher, Delly End Secondary School
“The support we receive from Competence Development is really impressive. Every time we have a query they respond immediately and with the kind of care and attention I haven't always experienced from education sector software providers. Outstanding stuff.”
Lisa Brown
Executive Principal, Whiteoak Green
“We now have a high-level view of the skills and experience of everyone across the Trust. By highlighting the gaps between where we are now and where we'd like to be moving forward, we can create a clear roadmap for achieving our goals. From a Board perspective this is fantastic and makes succession planning so much easier.”
Lisa Brown
Governance Professional, Delly End Secondary School
“We'd been using a combination of different methods to undertake our skills audits including both documents (sometimes even printed!) and spreadsheets. This is so much easier, the analysis is immediate and the fact that everything works on whichever device you're using at the time is just brilliant.”