Professional Sport Solutions

Professional Sport solutions for development of coaches and performance staff.
professional sport solutions for development of coaches and performance staff

Improve performance everywhere.

Imagine an easy way to manage the development process fully - in a fraction of the time.

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Why Competence?

Designed originally around elite Olympic Coach Competence Frameworks, Competence is a solution which meets the requirements of all aspects of Coach/Performance Staff improvement and is suitable for use in any professional sport.
Save time. Save money.

Use your people's time more effectively and show the impact it has on your bottom line.

Watch your people improve.

Know how well your staff are developing thanks to a simple and effective competency reviews programme.

Use it anywhere.

Use your smartphone or tablet to assess and evidence progress as it happens rather than later at your desk.

How we can help

Cultivate a high-performance staff culture, resulting in outstanding performance outcomes.
Reduce preparation time

When review time arrives, there’s no scrabbling around for paperwork. Everything's held securely in the cloud and available within the app - for everyone with the relevant access.

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  • Unlimited
  • Global Swatches
  • High-Quality
  • Sensational
Choose our Competence templates or create your own

You'll end up with your own grouping of Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours. Some will be common across groups, and some different. Anything's possible - tell us what works best for you.

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Communicate clearly

When the development process works most effectively, it's because communication is transparent and honest. People respond best to actionable feedback; links with CPD are crucial.

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Prioritise workload sensibly

Deal with what needs attention and when. Identifying priorities is the key to maximising review time.

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Knowledge is power

  • View progress in action

    Demonstrate the impact of Competence by viewing progress charts at every level of detail. Show people improving, in near-real time.

  • Strength from clarity

    Gain a deeper understanding of the capabilities and possibilities of all staff, enabling a clarity of judgment previously unavailable.

Get in touch now and start improving

Staff and management know the benefits of assessing and evidencing progress regularly. So why is it so hard to achieve? Because it often feels like a time consuming ‘extra’ that's just too difficult to do properly with the tools available.

What if things were different?

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