A new Competence Course

  • Latest Specification

    This new Competence course addresses the latest and up-to-date training information reflecting the new 2021 Industry Specification from the SIA and SGSA and includes The Government ACT anti-terrorism online qualification.

  • Complete in 21 days

    The course contains multimedia content designed for online, face-to-face, and blended learning; including automarked knowledge-checks, discussion scenarios, submissions, practical assessments and automatic eportfolio creation. It can be completed under control of any qualified centre with a significant portion completed online and with some face-to-face attendance for mentoring, discussions and practical assessments. It is normally completed in an elapsed 21 days.

Further Training

Career development into management can result from further training. Courses are available for licensing and delivery by Colleges, Training Organisations or Employers and are recommended or approved by a range of Awarding Bodies, CIMSPA and various Institutes, Governing Bodies and Associations.
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Any device, any location


  • Meets demanding expectations of current learners
  • Uses a varied suite of multimedia elements
  • Accessed via any smartphone or tablet
  • Makes learning, submission and assessment as simple as possible